GalaxyBillies – Episode 12

Things are heating up. A bounty hunter is after the humans not to mention Vice Chancellor Greklor searches for Earth with the intention of exterminating all of humanity. And what of MegaDan Scholes, Voice of the Galaxy? What part will he play in all this?

For those of you interested, you can become one of the Kinfolk, too. Send an email to: kinfolk at irreverentmuse dot com and tell me you want to join the Kinfolk. I’ll set you up with your own hillbilly name and post it on this site.

I’ve also got a challenge for all of you. How many Easter Eggs can you find in GalaxyBillies? Send an email to: galaxybillies at irreverentmuse dot com and tell me the Easter Eggs you have found along with the episode number. When the podcast is finished the two people with the most correct answers with join me for the after show.

I would also like to invite you to send your comments, feedback and questions to galaxybillies at irreverentmuse dot com or to my voicemail line at 206.203.2031. I’ll play them on the show.

Thanks for listening.


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