NaNo 2017 – Day 29 – Just Keeps Going

I think my family is purposely trying to kill me. Or, at the very least, get me to participate in family activities rather than simply write all month long.

The appointment we had last night was only going to take an hour, my wife assured me over an over. Three hours later, we were home. 🙂

The appointment itself was only ninety minutes long, but the commute each way added another forty-five minutes. Hence the three hours. I guess they weren’t completely misleading me.

Not completely.

It really didn’t matter whether I was misled or not. The appointment was an important one and I’m glad I was able to be there.

I did manage to hit the word count again. I’m not entirely sure how much of what I wrote will stay, but that’s what editing is for, isn’t it?

Number of Words for the Day:  2,035 words

I’m not knocking the word count out of the park by any means, but I have learned I can count on writing 2,000 – 2,500 words per hour. Not too shabby at all.

How I Hit my Word Total for the Day

One continuous writing session from 9 PM until 10:15 PM. As I look at the last few days, it has been more about the single writing session. I wonder if that’s because I have found my focus to pound out a lot of words in a sitting while still doing other things (like lots of meetings).

Today’s Goal: 2,000 words

No meetings, but I know errands are going to crop up. Hopefully I can get the words down early.

Number of Words to Date: 64,497 words

It’s pretty unlikely that I will hit 67,000 words today. Not impossible, mind you. Just unlikely. Regardless of my final count, NaNoWriMo 2017 goes into the books as the best one ever for me. Even more important is I have a plan to continue into December and beyond.

Here’s hoping I can do exactly that.


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