NaNo 2017 – Day 17 – Tucker & Dale vs Evil

I wasn’t entirely sure what I should post today. I could have said, “Day 17 – Just like many other days,” but that wouldn’t have been entirely true.

I had a good writing day – I managed 2,314 words – that puts it in my top 5 word count days thus far. The writing wasn’t magical. It moved the story along to where I’m at the cusp of writing something much more interesting.

What was different is, I rewarded myself. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that one of my colleagues suggested a movie to me; namely, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. The movie is a horror/comedy, a genre I am a big fan of. Bruce Campbell is easily one of my favourite actors and his films are go to’s all the time when I need a laugh.

I now have another movie I will add to my “Watch it when I need a laugh” category.

It is by no means high comedy. However, Alan Tudyk is one of the stars of the picture which is a big plus. I have enjoyed his work since A Knight’s Tale and I look forward to seeing him often. He too is one of my favourite actors (yes, I know he was Wash in Firefly – a very favourite show for me too).

Before you get the wrong idea, I do not use the word, “Favourite” lightly. I know I’ve used it many times in this post already, but that’s only because I am talking about things I really REALLY like. 🙂

At any rate, I watched the movie and quite enjoyed it. I haven’t laughed that much during a comedy in a while. Some of you might wonder what’s wrong with me (if you don’t care for the movie) but I’m okay with that.

Challenges for the Day

Nothing worth mentioning for a change. Yes, I was tired, but not until about 9:00 PM.

Number of Words for the Day:  2,314 words

A top 5 writing day. Something worth celebrating.

How I Hit my Word Total for the Day

All of my writing came about at about 7:30 PM. I allowed myself to watch the movie before I wrote. I know that’s like eating the dessert before the main meal but that’s how I roll.

Today’s Goal: 2,305 words

I know that’s a pretty specific number. It is because that is what I need to hit 40,000 words. I had actually hoped to hit that number yesterday, but…well, I didn’t. I still did pretty well though. Assuming I hit my goal in my next session, I will definitely hit/exceed 40,000 words.

Number of Words to Date: 37,695 words

This is the push to 40,000.

Interesting (at least to me) thing to share

I had lunch with my cousin and her family today. She has been very supportive of my writing and is a business owner. She made some interesting suggestions that might very well take my books to the next level. I will talk about those things at a later date when things get to a more normal pace.

As a very brief teaser, the suggestions involve creating a new distribution model for my books as well as finding alternate means to get my books at a much lower price which ultimately means I can either sell them for less or sell them for their current price and actually earn some money on them. Either is great.


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