Lost Momentum

I was going great guns with NaNoWriMo the first week and then the wheels fell off. I took my Scouts out to camp Saturday and Sunday so no writing got done: Saturday because I was no where near electricity and Sunday because I was tired from Sunday. At least, that’s my story.

I did manage to write again Monday and Tuesday (and again today) but the pace of my writing was only about half what it had been. Still, I’m sitting just shy of 30,000 words as I write this, so I’m still doing okay. I just have to pull my socks back up so I can take a good run at the 70,000 word personal goal.

I’m not panicking at all. I have Mik Murdoch 3 about one third complete and I have a couple of the short stories I wanted to write almost finished so things are good.

I do find it interesting how much momentum I have lost since last Friday. Initially I thought it might be because I had taken a (brief) break, but now I’m not so sure. I’m leaning more towards the weather being the big culprit. That’s because on Saturday it started to snow and never really let up. We now have several inches of the white stuff on the ground and it is cold. Very cold.

It kind of takes the wind out of my sails.

But, that’s behind me now. Despite being curled up in a blanket, I am writing again. I’m hoping to get back on track tonight with 4,000 words and keep that pace up until the end of November. That will put me comfortably over my own goal and substantially past the 50,000 NaNoWriMo goal.

How are you doing with your writing this month? Are you getting the results you hoped for? I’d love to hear about your own journey.


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