Way Outside My Comfort Zone

I have an idea and it scares me.

The idea is a story idea and before you say anything, I fully acknowledge that I have lots of those. The difference in this case is, the idea is in a genre I’ve never really read, telling a story that could be more…personal…than I’ve ever done before.

A friend of mine, Leah Crichton, was telling me a couple months ago about one of her most recent novels. When she wrote it, she found it to be immensely challenging. It struck so many emotions and other raw nerves that it shook her as she wrote it. It is also, she acknowledges, one of the best things she has written to date. That’s saying something for her as she has had a great deal of success.

I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to have my world rocked like that. But, the more I think of the story, the more I’m coming to understand that I need to write it.

It will be totally different from what I’ve done before. It will make me face things I’ve buried from my past and that I’m dealing with now. It could be great. It could be the self-analysis I need.

It could be exactly the opposite of those things, but until I do it, I won’t know.

So, I’m putting it onto my writing schedule. I was only planning on writing three books next year, but that number is growing. This will make it four. I don’t know if I can do that many but I can try. We shall see.


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