NaNo 2017 – Day 15 – Low Water Mark

Day 15 was my lowest output day thus far: 2005 words. I’m not complaining. I’m not even disappointed in the word total. There had to be a day where I wrote less than the others. This year, that was day 15.

It has been an interesting run thus far. I went into NaNoWriMo knowing in essence what the story I was writing needed to be. It is the third and last chapter of this Scouts of the Apocalypse trilogy (note: I didn’t say “the” simply because I don’t know what the future holds. Maybe there is another trilogy out there for my Scouts. In fact, as I type these words, I have suddenly had an idea for said trilogy (darn my creativity!).

I been asked the question: Are you a planner or a pantster many times over the past few years. The truth is, my very first book was planned. My very first NaNo novel was not; it absolutely was a pantster novel. Which is better? Well, my first novel is in a drawer gathering dust (for now) and my first NaNo novel has been in print for five years. I don’t know whether that means anything or not. It just is.

Anyway, I came into this NaNo with a clear idea of what needed to happen and where it needed to be. I also figured out in the waning days of October how I was generally going to start the novel and had an eureka moment on October 30th regarding how it would end. I guess you could say, I planned those pieces of the story.

If stories only needed a beginning and an end, I would be golden.

Unfortunately, there needs to be a middle part too. That is what has been giving me a bit of trouble. This is where also being a pantster is paying off. I’m coming up with ideas as I go and I’m bringing them into the story. Will they stay? Only my editor knows for sure. 🙂

Regardless, pantster or plotter doesn’t seem to apply in this book. I’m okay with that too. It gives me the opportunity to use both parts of my writing brain.

Challenges for the Day

Busy work day and a late night meeting

Number of Words for the Day:  2005 words

As mentioned above, this is my lowest word count writing day thus far. Am I sad? Hardly! I am still writing at a good pace and haven’t had to miss a day yet.

How I Hit my Word Total for the Day

I wrote a little bit before supper and a lot after my meeting. It was tougher going because I didn’t exactly know where I was going with the story. I came up with a scene that I think is fun and moves things along nicely.

Today’s Goal: 2,000 words

As far as I know (and this could change in an instant), I don’t have any meetings tonight. I might be able to sit down relatively early and knock the words off. Who knows? I might even have a little time for relaxation.

Number of Words to Date: 33.360 words

I will pass 35,000 words today. That is a very good thing.

Fun thing to share

The new Deadpool 2 movie trailer came out yesterday. Here is a link to it if you are interested:


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