NaNo 2017 – Day 9 – Wow, was that Painful!

Every year I have taken the NaNo challenge I find myself sitting on my hands in December because I managed to wear myself out. Last night I was definitely feeling that way.

I had lots of time to write (almost 3 hours), but it was hard to get focused.

Challenges for the Day

Tired. This has been a long, emotionally draining week. I found myself not as prepared to write as I normally am.

Number of Words for the Day:  2355 words

I decided the previous day that I was going to hit 20,000 words today. It was a real slog. I’m not actually sure how much of the writing was good and how much was ‘meh’ but it was all new words…and I did exceed 20K (20,173 to be precise).

How I Hit my Word Total for the Day

I started at 7:00 PM and let the television distract me for almost an hour. Then, I went to my quiet place and powered through. None of it was stellar, but it was new words that took the story further.

Today’s Goal: 2,000 words

Going out of town right after work. Tonight is going to be extremely busy. I’m going to try to write on the drive (yes, I’m the passenger) and between events (going for dinner about 6 and to see Thor at 10).

Number of Words to Date: 20,173 words


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