Get Published Episode 94 – Barbara Galler-Smith, Multi-faceted Writer

I often think that, to be a successful writer, you should have a good understanding of the writing craft from multiple angles. That means writing, reading, editing, marketing and promotion and even publishing. That’s the ideal, of course, and few of us have either the time or the connections to make that experience happen.

On today’s episode, I get to talk to someone who has seen publishing and the writing industry from several different directions. She is a writer, editor, slush pile reader, writing instructor and published author. Barbara Galler-Smith couples that with a wealth of varied life experiences and has a lot of interesting things to say.

I also talk about my experiences collaborating on a novel with JR Murdock. I would like to call this a lessons learned on collaboration.

I also wanted to mention that I will be at World Fantasy Convention in Toronto in a couple weeks. Not only with this be my first WFC as a pro, but I will be on a panel too. If you are at the convention, please be sure to look me up.

That’s today’s episode. I hope you enjoy it.

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published Episode 94 – Barbara Galler-Smith, Multi-faceted Writer

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

00:14 — Introduction – Get Published Episode 94 – Barbara Galler-Smith, Multi-faceted Writer

Welcome to the show.

01:28 Promo: BabylonPodcast

02:31 -Tips and Typos

Mike talks about lessons learned in his collaboration project with JR Murdock. (He also asks for Beta Readers. ;))

07:50 – Promo – Nutty Bites

08:20 — Get Published Episode 94 – Barbara Galler-Smith, Multi-faceted Writer (continued)

Award winning author Barb Galler-Smith lives in Edmonton, Alberta where she teaches writing, and is a long-time member of Edmonton’s largest speculative fiction writers group. She’s also actively mentoring a group designed for emerging writers to encourage others to join the quirky world of writing science fiction and fantasy.

54:26 – Promo – Flying Island Press

55:11 — Closing

Thank you for listening.

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Michell Plested –

JR Murdock –

Babylon Podcast –

NIMLAS Studios/Nutty Bites –

Flying Island Press –


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