Going a bit off-track

Lifelong learning is key


I’m going to write about something other than writing (sort of) today. I’m going to talk about learning.

One of the most important lessons I learned early in my life is to never stop learning (yes, you will read the word “learning” a lot in this post. The challenge to continuous learning is (a) finding the time, (b) finding the money, (c) finding the information and (d) not overloading yourself.

None of those challenges are show-stoppers; at the end of the day it really is up to you. So, what’s my point?

Recently, a colleague of mine pointed me to a website called Udemy.com. They claim to have online courses on practically everything. I signed up for a couple courses (for work) and they have been excellent so far.

But how does apply to writing?

Well, I’ve wanted to do screenwriting for a while now so today I checked Udemy on the off chance they might have a course. They didn’t have A course. They have forty-one. They also have several hundred writing courses of various types. And, they often have the courses available very inexpensively (as of today the screenwriting course is $14.99 Cdn).


So, I’ve now solved for challenges (b) and (C). I just have to figure out (a) and (d).

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am not being paid to promote Udemy. I just find them to be good (so far anyway) and cheap. Those are a tough combination to get and are essential for we poor writers. 🙂


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