What? It’s New Years Again?

It’s a miracle that no one’s been hit and injured yet, what with the whole flinging of the gauntlet that has been going on around here the past couple weeks.  Funny how a small thing like holidays arrive and everyone is suddenly into challenging those around them.  Good thing none of us are duelests (at least none that I know of).

Still, I’m never one to shy away from a thrown gauntlet.  Heck, you never know if it’ll fit.  So here I stand, trying on the various gloves, gauntlets and mittens to see what might fit.  Odd though, none are quite right.  I feel like Goldilocks standing in the three bears’ house saying “Now what?”.

I guess there’s nothing for it.  I’ve got to bite the bullet and make some New Year’s Resolutions just like so many of my SWN breatheren.  It shouldn’t be too hard… should it?  There have been some really good one’s so far.  Strange that most seem to be about writing… or maybe not so strange since this site is about writing.  I guess I can toe the line just this once… but it can never happen again or there could be grave consequences I have no doubt.

But where to start? Perhaps where I left off in 2006?  Sounds good to me.

  1. 1.  Complete editing of my Nanowrimo book and start sending it out.  I may stray a little from how I tried doing things in the past.  I have a friend who happens to be a published Children’s writer.  I may get him to help me out in the editing department (seeing as it’s a children’s book after all).  He may even have some suggestions on how to break into the whole genre of children’s books.  You just never know.
  2. 2.  Complete writing the synopsis for my first book (fantasy genre) and get it out there again.  Further, I resolve to send it out to the next publisher no more than 1 week after I receive a rejection.  It WILL find a publisher.  Hopefully this year.
  3. 3.  Plot out and write the sequel to the book mentioned in the second point.  This shouldn’t be too bad as I already have a solid idea what I want the plot to be.  Now to fill in the details.
  4. 4.  Write at least two short stories and try to find a publisher.  I already know of several good Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines that I’ve submitted to in the past.  Maybe this will be the year?
  5. 5.  Meet at least 3 published authors and add them to my writing network.  Can’t forget that who you know often helps you break into the business.
  6. 6.  Do a second interview for “The Writing Show” with Paula B.
  7. 7.  Volunteer and perhaps speak at a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Reader’s convention.
  8. 8.  Write at least 1,000 words a week.  This one may seem kind of weak when you consider that Sean is trying to write 1,000 words a day.  However, I’ve got to break my personal challenges into the right buckets.  Editing and writing for me are very distinct activities so I’m not lumping them together.  Since I was able to average in excess of 2,500 words per day during Nano, I think I can manage this.
  9. 9.  Last but not least… spend more time working and sharing ideas with my SWN collegues.  We have a very diverse talent pool and I would be remiss to not take proper advantage of the team’s skills.

Lots to do and only 361 more days to get it all done.  The one thing I won’t be doing is scampering around and looking at my watch like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  The items above aren’t meant to cause stress, after all.  They are meant to provide focus.

Oh yes… there is one more that item that I didn’t mention above.  Have fun.  Writing for me is an enjoyable, often relaxing pursuit.  It is my intention to one day make a career of it.  I want to be like those other lucky few who can honestly say that they love their job.  Obviously, it needs to be fun.

Have a Happy New Year.


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