Making Headway

The one thing we can all count on in our writing is that “Things happen”.  That little thing called life throws curves at us all, whether it’s family commitments (like sports for kids), community, work and friends.  They all seem to conspire against us and try to prevent us from writing.

Heck, sometimes even our writing conspires against itself.  That’s why we must be so vigilant and disciplined with our writing.  That is the reason I set myself the challenge of 30 in 30.

Well, that’s partially the reason.  If I were to do a bit of self-examination I’d have to admit that it was also to distract myself away from my anxiety around the partial I sent out on the 18th.

Just being asked for the partial felt like a victory.  Finally, being asked to send it in.  It felt fantastic!  I just had to stay positive (but realistic) and hope.

That’s the toughest part as many of you know.  Rejection is awfully had to take.

Then came a curveball that I wasn’t ready for.  Last Friday, the publisher asked to see the entire manuscript.  I can honestly say I wasn’t ready for that.  It took me a few hours before the truth had sunk in.  Oddly enough, I didn’t get a short-story written Saturday.  I was too busy doing a final, FINAL edit and print-out of the manuscript to get it ready to send.

A request for the manuscript does not guarantee a contract or a sale, but it’s the furthest down the publishing path I’ve been.  The challenge now is to stay grounded.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

30 in 30 Update

  • February 22nd:    The Story                  Words:     6 
  • February 23rd:     nothing… final edits on my book and packaging
  • February 24th:     Conscription             Words:     1,189
  • February 25th:     The Old Boys Club     Words:     767
  • February 26th:     To be a God              Words:     1,064
  • February 27th:     The Grunts Have It    Words:     256

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