Dramatic Change

I woke up this morning with the feeling that I had forgotten something.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I hadn’t yet written my post for today.

Shame on me.

It’s not like I haven’t had the time this week.  As you probably know, I am moving to a new company and a new job next week.  My current boss graciously gave me this week off to ease the mental transition.  Except, for some odd reason, I still ended up thinking about work every single day this week.

It could be because I was still getting questions from my colleagues every day, I suppose.  It could also be because, until yesterday afternoon, I still had all my work gear and kept referring to it:  laptop, blackberry, security pass, etc.

Yes, I did say until yesterday afternoon.  I went into work to have a final lunch with some people and I left it all behind.  Time to look forward.  Except, I was looking so far ahead that I forgot about some immediate commitments.

This change of life being the biggest thing facing me right now, it makes some sense that I would focus on it.  It naturally got me thinking about how my characters would face similar changes.  I quickly realized that I haven’t been very honest with some of them.

While my job change is a very good thing for me, it has still meant that I’m eating differently, not sleeping properly, acting grumpy (OK, grumpier) and generally being out of sorts.  Odd that some of my characters haven’t exhibited the same (or similar) responses to major changes in their lives.

I’m definitely going to be more aware of that going forward.  After all, am I not trying to convey realism in my writing?

On a totally different note, I set the personal goal for myself of getting my second book packaged and sent out this week.  So far, I’ve managed to avoid finishing that project.  Having said that, I will be done writing the synopsis today, so it WILL be sent out this week (finally).

I’ve stalled that project long enough.

I’m also beginning a major rewrite of my first book.  That’s the one that I feel I’ve cheated my characters (and readers) the most.  It deserves the chance to be all it can be.  You will hear about my progress next week.

While I’m jumping around, I’ve also begun to think about Nanowrimo 2007.  I’ve talked to a few people about it and I’ve already got some good (great?) ideas for my next story.  Several of the plot points are courtesy of my good friend Aaron Kite.  I’m looking forward to it, even though I already know of one 4-day period where writing will be difficult at best.

It feels good to finally refocus and get those projects back on track.  Aaron was absolutely right in his post; I need to have a firmly set goal.  Granted, what I’ve just thrown out is still a bit fuzzy, but you will have my solid goals in next week’s post.

Have a good week.


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