There are days…

As much as I’d like to assert that my work life, home life and writing are all in a harmonious balance, the truth is that more often then not they clash.

The battle for supremacy may not even be the toe-to-toe trench fighting for my available time or attention. Sometimes it’s an emotional thing. If I’m having a bad day at work it gets really tough to distance myself from that enough to write anything that isn’t tainted by those events. The same holds true for commitments outside of the work day.

I’ve been doing Scouts AND Cubs since September. That dedicates a minimum of two nights per week every week to them. I enjoy doing it but it cuts into all the other things I have to do. Last month was particularly grueling because not only did I have the weekly meetings, I also had two winter camps. That means I lost 14 days to those committments. That’s half of February that I didn’t have the time or juice to spend on other projects.

I’m hoping to get that all back this month.

I’ve heard and said that it’s all about balance. Sometimes you simply can’t help but be out of balance and juggling things is the only option. I’m still juggling a little but the balance is coming back. The realization that I can’t always have all the time I need to get things done is a tiny bit liberating. I just don’t want to let down those people I’ve made commitments to.

Personal Update

I submitted a partal of my fantasy novel and one of my short stories last week. That gives me four things out in the wild right now.

My auction items did well for ‘The Boom Effect’ and you will hear the results of those in ‘Get Published’ and ‘GalaxyBillies’ going forward.


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