Still Getting the Hang of It

I’ve been blogging a long time, but that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing when it comes to my website. Yes, I’m a technical guy, but I’m not an Internet technical guy.

That means I’m still not getting the most bang for my buck out of this website. I have been increasing the number of people who actually access my site on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, but are they real people or bots? Are they real people or just aggregation sites? Are they real people who actually want to know about my next book/podcast/appearance?

These are all questions I need to ask myself. If I were to judge my success by the number of people who are subscribed to this site, I would consider myself a failure.

But I don’t (consider myself a failure, that is). I’m just a guy who is trying to put together a good website that people will find interesting enough that they will come back. Hopefully, they will also find me interesting enough that they will listen to my podcasts and buy my books too.

Now, if I didn’t listen to people who made suggestions to help improve the website, that would be failing. So when it was suggested that I should put subscribe buttons onto the website for my podcast, I looked into it.

It turns out that I had started the process over a year ago. Unfortunately, something shiny appears to have distracted me because it was never finished. So, I had a couple of hours of time on the weekend that I dedicated to correcting that oversight.

Now, interested people can subscribe to my Get Published podcast, Galaxybillies podcast or my entire feed through subscribe buttons. I hope you will take advantage of that.

But that is only the beginning.

I’m hoping that a number of you will really scrutinize the website and send me your suggestions for improvement. That could be the look and feel, the kind of posts I do or any other manner of items. This may be my website, but I also want it to be somewhere you would like to come too.

So, if it isn’t too much to ask, please take a moment and let me know what you think. What have you really liked on the site? What hasn’t done anything for you? I have some ideas, but I’m only one person and I could really use your help.





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