Stay the Course

When I look at everything I’ve done to get published, I realize that, while my efforts as a whole have been important, one thing has stood out as the make or break characteristic for me – persistence.

I say that because I’ve had my fair share of disappointment as a writer. I have submitted and been rejected over and over again. I have been told a story will be accepted once I make the requested edits only to be turned down. There have been days when I wonder why I subject myself to the roller coaster ride that is trying to get my stories published.

Naturally, I questioned whether my work was actually good enough to see print; that seems like a road many of us travel down. I mean, if my work were stellar, there would never be any question, would there? Every publisher would be banging down my door to get my work.

Except, publishers are readers and not every reader likes the same thing. Publishers are also business people so taking a chance on an unknown author presents a definite risk no matter how good your writing is.

That means being patient AND persistent are both very good things. Keep trying to get your work picked up. It MAY in fact be the best thing ever written and you simply haven’t found the right market/publisher/agent yet. And while you are at it, work on building your author’s platform (another lengthy task that requires work, patience and persistence). That platform might elevate you to a point where you are not as much of a risk for perspective publishers.

Whatever you do, don’t stop writing. If your apprentice work isn’t up to snuff, keep going until your journeyman work starts getting positive comments from your submissions. When you are seeing that, you are at a tipping point where the right person will love your work and offer you a contract. Then you will realize that for you too, persistence is your most powerful ally.


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