I’ve started writing numerous posts the past while and every time I manage to get distracted away from it. I feel much like Dug from the movie Up must feel; it would be very nice to hold onto a single train of thought but there are too many other things to grab my attention..  The result has been no new posts on the website but several partial posts in my draft folder.

The problem with that is, when I begin writing a post, I always have a direction I want to take. Getting pulled away effectively ends whatever ideas I had spinning through my mind. That isn’t to say I can’t pick them up again. It is just harder to do.

If you are like me, the nicer weather and just summer in general has been a blessing. I’ve kept close to home and haven’t really done much of consequence. It has been much easier to get outside and be distracted by everything I’ve avoided the past year.

Okay. So, confession time. I was doing really well until another squirrel-event popped up. It was something I simply HAD to deal with (honest).

The good news is, I came back to the post. Still, it is indicative of how the past couple months have been going. Unexpected stuff keeps appearing that needs my attention, both mental and physical.

I have been working (on and off) on a couple projects. JR Murdoch and I are well into our next Jack Kane book. I have also been working on Mik Murdoch 5. I am not as far along with either project as I would like to be (remember the distractions?), but they are in progress.

Now, before something else rears its cute, fuzzy head, I am going to sign off this week. I hope you are all staying healthy and well.

Talk to you all soon!


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