Something Wicked this Way Comes – Oh No, It’s Already Here!

Hello everyone. Mik Murdoch here again (and to all of you villains, Mike Plested and his family are safely hidden and under the protection of powerful friends of mine).

If you recall the last time I posted here, I had some concerns about an up-and-coming book titled A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil. The book was scheduled for release June 1, 2013 and is a compendium of evil knowledge for new bad guys.

My friends and I in the hero community started preparing for this book as soon as we learned of its existance. We thought we had some time to get ready for a surge of terror.

I can only guess that the villains caught wind of our preparations because the book was suddenly, and without warning, released early. Early, as in April instead of June.

I will admit, that caught us all flat-footed. To make matters worse, the book is selling. Apparently there are people who want to be bad.

All I can think of to stop the madness is if all of you law-abiding citizens buy and destroy any copies of this book. Whatever you do, DON’T read the book before destroying it. You might be led down the garden path of wickedness.


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