Super Villain or Super Bully?

Mik_final smHi there. My name is Mik Murdoch and I’m a superhero. A boy superhero to be exact. You may have heard of me.

My friend, Michell Plested, who has written about my adventures in the novel “Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero“, invited me to talk about some attention I am getting from the super-villain community.

I, of course, am always happy to help my friends out and, I’m more than a little freaked out by some of the things I have heard. So here goes.

My friend, Miss Purdy, came to see me a few days ago. She has been hearing rumours that the Super-Villain Community was talking about me. That was a shock to me because, a) I’m only a kid and b) I only do superhero work in Cranberry Flats. Why are they talking about me?

Apparently, they are coming up with a plot to defeat/destroy me. Miss Purdy is, as I am writing this, putting plans together to give me some support. I’m not saying what or when because those darn villains are probably reading this right now. Why warn them?

First of all, let me say that for the villainous organizations out there to be going after me is bullying, plain and simple. It would be bad enough if one villain was after me (after all, most heroes have nemeses), but entire organizations? I guess I should feel good that they think I’m such a threat, but honestly, who wants that kind of attention?

amttm-agttse_finalTo make matters even worse (and they were really bad to start with), the villains are putting a book together to help other people become villains themselves. I hear it is called “A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil“. I am pretty upset about this.

As a hero, I feel it is important to keep those darn villains down. After all, that’s my job!

Now, any bad guys reading this, stop reading now!

I will be getting a copy of the book because I want to know what those lousy villains are planning on doing. If you want to help me in my fight, please keep your ears and eyes open and tell me anything you find out. That and learn for yourself what their plans are by reading the book yourself.


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