Preparing for Con-Version

I’m sort of a late-comer to conventions. I really only did my first one four years ago. Ever since, I’ve been a convert. I definitely see the value from a network perspective and from a pure learning and having fun point-of-view too. I’ve also wanted to be more involved.

Last year I sat in on a panel that talked about Social Media/New Media/Podcasting and its place in writing. I realized quite quickly that this was a panel I should have been on; even though I had only been podcasting for eight months myself, I had been listening to podcasts and learning about them for much longer. That’s when I allowed myself to believe I have something to offer.

Immediately following that Con-Version, I emailed the con committee asking if they could use me on the following year’s panel. I think I must have emailed too soon because I never heard back. Then, a few weeks ago, my friend Jennifer Rahn mentioned Con-Version and asked if I was going to be a panelist. She suggested I would be good for the “Tips for Beginning Writers” panel.

I emailed the con committee again and was accepted to sit the panel. I am very excited to be participating because I know I have learned a great deal doing ‘Get Published’. I have talked to so many authors, editors, agents and publishers that I think I have a pretty good overview of the industry and I LOVE talking writing.

It’s a match made in heaven.

I really hope that I can give some good tips that will help out new writers. That was the reason I started ‘Get Published’ in the first place. I also hope I can make some great contacts both on and off the panel. If I can do both, I’ll consider the con to be a big success.

I hope to see you there.

Personal Update

I finished revising my YA Novel and have submitted it to the publisher. I hope she likes what I’ve done with the revisions but I will have to wait until after NaNo to find out. good thing I’ve got lots to do, isn’t it?

I’ve started writing one of the five short stories I have been planning and I’ve started outlining my NaNo novel in earnest. I’ve got to hurry because time is definitely running out.



  1. Congrats. Doing panels can be nerve wracking at first, but they are great ways to get to know people (in the audience and others on the panel). Wishing you the best of luck and I’ll try to be in the audience.

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