Please Help Me Cross Promote

There is one major area that I need to do some serious development in and that is asking others to help. I think it is because I always try to be respectful of other people’s time and commitments. Whatever the reason, I am always reluctant to ask others to give me some of their time unless I can give them something in return.

But, promotion is very important to a new, upcoming book so I think it is important that I ask, no matter how difficult the asking may be. Even still, in the asking, I’m hoping I can give you a little something in return. In this case some cross-promotion.

So, here goes.

Are you ready?

Okay, enough stalling.

What I’m looking for is a few (or better yet, several) of you fine people to contribute guest posts to Irreverent Muse. The article topic is: Books that have been of influence to you and why. I have had a few people (Starla Huchton was my very first guest with more to come) step forward but I need more. The reason I’m doing this is (a) to generate some new traffic to the site and (b) because I would love to hear what books were important to you.

See, my upcoming novel, Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero is one of those books that I hope will influence today’s kids. I would be utterly thrilled to have someone come up to me a few years down the road and tell me what my book meant to them. Obviously, that dream won’t be realized for a few years, but in order for it to even be possible, people need to know about the book.

So, are you interested? I will be (trying) to put up guest posts every two weeks (more if I have lots) on Saturdays so your writing will have some time to be read.  If you are interested, please drop me a line at: author at michellplested dot com.

Thank you in advance for your help and good thoughts on this.


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