NaNoWriMo – Day 2

I didn’t get as much written this morning as I did yesterday. Yesterday I had over 600 words before I left for work. Today is was slightly over 200. I attribute part of that to the preplotting I’ve done. The beginning of the story is MUCH clearer than the stuff that comes after (yes, that includes chapter 2). The story veered away from the plotting very slightly but enough that I had to think of ways to bring it back on track. I believe I’ve done that now so it’s back to work.

I wrote a lot more dialogue this time than I have in some of my past stories. That’s partially because, as much as I can write some fun narrative, it has the tendency to be telling, not showing. I’m not sure I’ve found the balance I want quite yet, but it was a lot of fun doing the dialogue. It was mostly between two of my more… shall we say, challenged characters. They are in place to add some comic relief and I believe they will do an admirable job of it.

I managed to add 400 words in the 30 minutes I had before I went to Cub Scouts and I’ve exceeded my number again by writing a little later than expected. My final word tally for the night is just slightly over 6,000 words so I’m in very good shape. That is a very positive thing since I’ve got a Scout can this weekend. It starts on Saturday morning and goes until Sunday mid-afternoon. That means I’ll have to do some writing before I leave in the morning on Saturday and more on Sunday when I get back. Maybe I can spend a couple quality hours writing on Friday.

I hope you are all finding the time necessary to get your writing done. Just keep reminding yourself that you only need 1,667 words per day. That’s a daunting number until you realize that even if you only type 20 words per minute you can do it in slightly over an hour and a half. Very doable, I think.

Now it’s time for me to turn in. Too many late nights the past while. See you all tomorrow.


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