I’m No Expert

I’m not a big fan of people who claim to be “experts” or “gurus”. I mean, the word “expert” to me mean someone who knows everything about a certain subject. I have no doubt that such people do exist, but the vast majority of the so-called “Experts” only know a very small subset of the equation, and usually use the title as a marketing tool or to shill something.

That’s why you will never hear me say I am an “expert” on anything, not even myself (there are days I wake up wondering just what the hell I was thinking the night before when I drank that pitcher of beer, for example).

No, if you hear me talk about something like I know what I’m doing, it’s most likely because I’ve had personal experience on that subject that worked for me. Does that mean it will work for you? Not necessarily, but maybe. Does that make me an expert?


That’s also the reason you will rarely (if ever) see me talk about sentence structure and grammer and the like. I know enough to be able to write decent prose, but do I know all the rules or every nuance? Absolutely not.

So, why am I coming forth to preach my ignorance?

Well, mainly because I don’t want to lead anyone astray. I prefer full-disclosure to puffed up hype any day.

I’m happy to share my journey and what has and hasn’t worked in the hopes that you might avoid some of my mistakes and build on my successes. Share my own learnings if you will. After all, if you don’t share what you learn why bother learning at all?


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