I Need to Do More

I came to a realization the other day: despite everything I am doing right now, I need to do more. A LOT more.

How is that for an obscure opening statement? Do I mean I need to walk more, eat more or watch more television? No.

I need to do more to get my name out there in the writing world. Sure, I’m blogging, podcasting, tweeting and facebooking. I’m querying and submitting to contests and publishers (and soon to agents). It’s not enough.

I’ve got to start writing articles and short stories for various markets. I’ve got to get onto forums and special interest groups. Why? Because I can NEVER get my name out into enough places.

OK, I think that’s clear enough, but what brought me to this realization?

My friend and self-proclaimed mentor, Simon Rose (www.Simon-Rose.com) did it without even realizing he was teaching me another lesson (that’s at least one more beer that I owe you Simon). Simon was my guest for the 1-year anniversary episode of ‘Get Published’. As soon as the episode was posted (and before I had a chance to tell him it was available) he had already begun to spread the word about it. I have absolutely no idea where all he posted about it. All I know is I saw an immediate spike in activity on my site.

For those of you who have been listening to ‘Get Published’, you know that I’ve had some pretty well-known (at least in the podisphere) guests. When those interviews were posted I usually saw a bit of a spike of activity. Nothing like this though.

If you haven’t listened to the show, Simon is a Science Fiction/Fantasy author who writes primarily for Middle Grade and YA Audiences. He also holds workshops, teaches classes for various organizations, does school visits and a plethora of other things that would take me quite a while to cover. He has a good-sized fan base and I expected his interview to garner some interest.

What I didn’t expect was his interview to CRUSH every other one I’ve had.

I don’t say this to make any of my previous (or future) guests feel bad or self-conscious. I merely say it to prove that having one’s name out in a variety of places (and mediums) is a powerful thing. One I severely underestimated.

I am taking steps to change that.

Thanks for the lesson, Simon. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Personal Update

As I just said (above), I’m looking to increase the areas where I place my writing. I’m already looking at sending some of my writing to some non-paying (but highly read) magazines. Beyond that, I’m going to continue looking for opportunities to write for others as well. If you know of such an opportunity, please let me know.


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