Buried in Excuses

Okay. I have been pretty unavailable the past while. No posts, no Tweets, no Facebook. In fact, not a whole lot of anything.

Did I fall off the face of the Earth or visit a Bizarro Alternate-Earth like I’m claiming?

See, that would be telling. Either are possibilities, I suppose.

Let’s assume I DID in fact visit a Bizarro Alternate-Earth as I claimed on Twitter today. If that were true (and I’m not saying it isn’t) what did I encounter there?

Well, for starters, NaNoWriMo here was NaNoNoWriMo (National No Novel Writing Month) there. As Bizarro Superman might say, “Novel Bad. Make head hurt.”

More likely the month would have been NaTVWaMo where folks catch up on all the stuff on the PVR/DVR.

That’s more likely, I think.

Wherever I was, I was not doing what I had initially planned. I did NOT write 50,000 words and I’m okay with that. I took most of November off instead, letting my overheated brain cool and ideas collect again like rain in a barrel (aren’t I the poetic one).

I did lay out a book for Evil Alter Ego Press and it will be available on December 8th as advertised. That I consider a big win.

I could say, at the end of the day, that I was too busy to write or too tired. That doesn’t make me any different than anyone else. Let’s just say, my motivation to relax and regain my internal balance outweighed my need to write.

December will be without excuses and the writing will be in crazy amounts.


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