Book Review – Realmshift

The story focuses on the struggles of Isiah, an immortal agent of the balance, as he battles to maintain equilibrium between good and evil. His mission: to retrieve the soul of an evil murderer, restore the man to life and protect him from Lucifer until he fulfills his destiny. The man he must protect is selfish, cowardly and more than willing to kill anyone to help himself. It doesn’t help that Isiah sympathizes with the side of good or that Lucifer is throwing all the powers of Hell at him. He’s a man with a job to do and nothing is going to stop him from completing his mission.

The book is jam-packed with interesting characters and plenty of action. The story is set both in the physical and supernatural worlds. In both cases, the author takes great care to craft vivid and with sometimes disturbing settings. Dialogue is fresh and serves to both enhance and flesh out the story.

My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is the author’s use of the crystal skull mythos. His interpretation is not quite the same as what I know to be true. Still, it is a minor issue and was more of a distraction than a detractor for me.

Realmshift is a Dark Fantasy novel written by Alan Baxter. It was published October 17th by Blade Red Press and is available from in both a paperback edition for $14.35 and a kindle edition for $3.19.



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