I Need to go for a Walk

Walking is a favorite activity of mine. I get to go outside for the sunshine and fresh air. I get exercise and I occasionally meet someone I know or someone new. I also get the opportunity to clear my head and collect my thoughts.

It has been a fantastic source of ideas for my writing many times.

Lately, my mind has been filled with lots of things that have nothing to do with my writing. That’s okay because there are things we all have to deal with in our lives whether it is work, family or something else entirely.

Unfortunately, all those other things are keeping me from getting my head in the writing game. That is a bad thing because I have two books to finish and a new one to start.

Just for the record, the books I have to finish I already know what needs to be written. It is the brand new book that is causing me trouble. I know generally what I want to have happen. It’s all the smaller plot points I’m drawing a blank on.

That is why I need to get back to walking without distractions. Let my mind wander and build the stories I want to tell. Then I will be able to sit down, writing brain refreshed and brimming with ideas, and write.


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