Get Published, Episode 8 – Interview with Phil Rossi

Hello Everyone.

Well, we’re halfway through the year; I hope you are all doing well. Things are going well here and I’m increasingly hopeful that I will have an announcement in the near future. I do know that I have holidays coming up and I’m really looking forward to that.

I’m very excited to have Phil Rossi as my guest on this episode. I had some minor audio problems (Phil kept losing volume) but I have managed to get it audible. Phil had a lot of interesting things to say and I must say, this was a very cool interview.


Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published, Episode 8

  • Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

0:14 — Introduction – Show #8:  Interview with Phil Rossi

Welcome to the show.

00:45 — Promos: Nina Kimberly the Merciless

01:46 — Show #8:  Interview with Phil Rossi (continued)

  • Michell answers Lisa’s question regarding what materials a writer should prepare for submission purposes.
  • Email podcast at michellplested dot com with your comments

07:12 — Promos: Indiana Jim Podcast

08:12 — Show #8:  Interview with Phil Rossi (continued)

Phil Rossi talks about his upcoming book, Crescent and his journey thus far. He talks about podcasting and the use of social media to promote yourself.

35:41 — Promos: Crescent

37:51 — Closing

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