Get Published, Episode 4 – Interview with Christiana Ellis

Hello everyone.  I’m excited to have Christiana Ellis as my interviewee for this episode.  Christiana has a her first book coming out on May 15 and we are privileged to hear about that from here.

As always, please send me your comments, questions and feedback.  Enjoy.

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published, Episode 4

  • Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

0:14 — Introduction – Show #4:  Interview with Christiana Ellis

01:30 — Promos: Weather Child

02:22 — Show #4:  Interview with Christiana Ellis (continued)

  • Feedback, Questions and Answers Segment
  • Question from Jack Jaffee at – How do you know if your work is good enough?
  • Email podcast at michellplested dot com with your comments

05:29 — Promos: Dragon Moon Press

06:01 — Show #4:  Interview with Christiana Ellis (continued)

  • Christiana Ellis talks about Nina Kimberly the Merciless and the journey to getting the book published

49:32 — Promos: Nina Kimberly the Merciless

51:19 — Closing



  1. Thanks Pip. That means a lot to mean coming from you. I hope I can get you on in the coming months as well. Congratulations on the new book deal, btw.

  2. As Christiana’s editor in question, I can say I’m still very enthusiastic about the project. It’s a great book and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print!

    Great interview!

  3. Hello Gabrielle,

    Thank you for chiming in. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I know I had a lot of fun talking to Christiana.


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