You Can Never Give Up

It has been a tough last couple weeks for me. I am now into my fourth month of unemployment and some days I really don’t feel like applying for any more jobs. I mean, I’ve already got resumes numbering in the hundred’s out there already.

But, despite the lack of success, I continue to soldier on because I have to. I’ve tried several different tactics and I know I will try several more until I meet with success.

Getting your work published is exactly the same.

You’ve got to keep working towards the goal, even when you’ve received dozens, maybe hundreds of rejections. If something isn’t working, you change up your tactics too. The only thing you cannot do is give up.

The moment you do that, you are finished because the likelihood that someone will simply call you out of the blue is slim to none. You have to want it badly enough to fight through the rejections, no matter how much they might hurt.

I will get back to work eventually just like I will get my novels published eventually. I’ve already managed to get some of my short work in print so I know I can do it.

Personal Update

Job hunting is still my number one priority. Writing on GalaxyBillies, my YA Revisions and podcast recording round out my day. I hope you are all doing OK.



  1. Keep at it. I was glad to see news of your new story submission. I’m looking forward to reading more in that universe. In fact, I’m planning to write a little Steampunk myself because of your great story. Thanks for the motivation. 🙂

  2. Keep at it, Mike! I remember how bad it was when I was looking for a job a few years ago, but after four months I can see why you’re slogging.

    As writers, we need to continually look for that silver lining as well… in this case, that you have at least a bit more free time to pursue your writing, publishing, podcasting, and most importantly, with your family.

    Keep at it!

    Oh, and a question for your next episode… Do you generally read from a script for the non-interview parts of your show or do you wing it? If you’ve done both, what pros and cons have you noticed for each?

  3. Sorry to hear about the extended job hunt, here’s to finding a great one soon. In the mean time, you’re right, those who succeed are the ones who never gave up. Let’s march on, one keystroke at a time!

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